Friday, January 4, 2013

In Memory of Helen Mangan

We are deeply sorry to announce the loss of a passionate advocate for the MS community. Helen Mangan, MSF’s Associate Director of Support Groups and Outreach has passed away.  Since 1995, Helen had worked tirelessly to provide support for people with MS and their families.

Helen wholeheartedly believed in the power of support groups to give people the strength to battle multiple sclerosis. Over 17 years with the MSF, she nurtured the growth of the MSF’s Support Group Program from a dozen scattered groups in 1996 to a nationwide network of nearly 150 thriving groups today. Helen’s vision of a support group as a positive, enriching part of life for people with MS helped nourish a movement away from support groups as ‘pity parties’ and toward groups that serve to provide a sense of community and camaraderie.

Over the years, thousands of people with MS and caregivers came to know Helen and to count her as a friend. Her energy, determination, and compassion were an inspiration. Her passing is a loss to the entire MS community.

Helen’s first priority was serving the needs of the groups she assisted, so the MSF will continue to be there for the support group leaders, co-leaders and members who meant so much to her. MSF’s Lead Caseworker Crystal Milligan will be stepping in to keep Helen’s legacy thriving.

Those who would like to share their memories and positive recollections about Helen can email them to or post them on  Some of these will be included in articles in tribute to Helen in the MSF’s publications.  All these happy memories will be collected and presented to Helen’s family with the love and sympathy of the MS community.



  1. Deepest condolences for a lovely lady who worked tirelessly to help others. You will be deeply missed.


  2. I think we all fell blessed to have known Helen and how she helped us with not only the fight but we also knew she was and will always be part of are lives. I hope Helens family knows how many people Helen touched in such a positive way. The last time we talked she shared how proud she was of her family and that they continue to share her legacy of caring and helping others. I know God blessed us with Helen and we know that she is home with him. Please except my deepest condolences and know how special Helen truly was to so many people.

  3. I truly appreciate the time that GOD allowed me to meet a very compassionate person like Helen . She really cared about people who was suffering with ms . I remember when she came to Ohio to meet and run a support leader and co leader convention . She was so professional and down to earth . The first thing she said to me was now I can put a face to a voice . I said this is me Helen kevin code the guy you been talking to the pass two an half years ! She was so pleasant Im going to miss her RIH my friend !!